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Monthly Donor Highlight: Roger Cote

Roger Cote is one of the BDP's monthly donors! He's been frequenting the park for two years and feels passionately about supporting our efforts! Hailing from Harwich, Roger enjoys the sense of community that the park brings and is confident it's the nicest park on the Cape! He loves that his pup can run around while he also gets some exercise and gets the chance to meet new people.

Roger enjoys that there is usually a set group of people at certain times but there's always an opportunity to meet more. He loves that there are so many different breeds of dogs, it's a fun spot for everyone and he always feels safe at the BDP! Roger feels that in order to keep the park a great space and to help it evolve it is vital for all those that frequent the park to do their part in helping secure its fundraising. "It's a big asset to the community, a beautiful spot that people visit from all over. in order to keep it going, maintain the park and keep its great status, we must all try to give what we can, especially those that use it a lot like myself!"

There are so many ways to help support the park. From becoming a monthly donor like Roger, to one time donations, to purchasing merch, for more information on how to help financially support the park head to our website. A special thank you to Roger Cote for his continued support of the BDP! We wouldn't be able to operate without people like him!🐾❤️

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