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Pet Insurance 101: Tips from Brewster Veterinary Hospital

As spring and summer approach, we at Brewster Veterinary Hospital wanted to remind you of the importance of pet insurance. We all know that instances arise, whether our pets take a tumble; eat something they shouldn't have; or rough play with their friends at home, daycare, or the dog park; resulting in more urgent visits to the vet. In the spring specifically, there are an increase in injuries such as:

  • knee and soft tissue damage

  • cervical disc and neck problems

  • dog / animal bites

What matters most is being prepared for when these things happen! Pet insurance is a great way to ensure you're covered when both minor and larger inconveniences happen! Some examples of things that pet insurance will cover (please keep in mind it depends on which insurance you choose, and which plan):

  • Diagnostic testing

  • ER and specialty care

  • Surgeries and hospitalizations

We urge you to look into pet insurances to find which one works best for you and your family. While researching, we recommend looking at things like deductibles and what type of coverage each plan provides.

Whether you're just getting started with your new puppy and kitten, or you have an older family member who needs more frequent visits and check ins with their vet, pet insurance is a helpful outlet to keep them feeling healthy and happy, while easing your stress of being able to afford the best care for your extended family member.

Here’s a helpful link to explore some of the plans available.

Forbes top 10 Pet Insurances 2023

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