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Steward Spotlight: Meet Hillary Eaton

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Why do you volunteer as a steward?

We are fortunate here in Brewster to have a dog park which took 10 years to bring to fruition. It involved numerous volunteers and a variety of specialists. As a dog owner and resident of Brewster, I wanted to make a contribution to the team effort.

Tell us about your dog.

Cosette is a 4 year-old Siberian Husky I raised from a young puppy. She is very nurturing, makes friends easily and tries to keep peace among the dogs at the park when things begin to get out of hand. Watching her run without her leash makes me smile because she has such a free spirit and she gets to be her true dog self. My first dog was a husky named Sterling, followed by Emma, also a husky. They were each very special in their own way and their spirits live on in Cosette.

Favorite part of being a steward?

I love watching all the dogs — with their dog personalities in full view — run free and make new friends. I also love to see the interaction of the dog owners with each other. You meet some very interesting people in the dog park.

Are you a native Cape Codder?

I was born in Boston, grew up in New York, and spent almost all of my summers in Brewster. I loved it so much, I chose to work on the Cape, bought a home in Brewster and have lived here since 2000.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Cosette has a sister, a cat name Poe. I found her in a gutter in Baltimore the same year I adopted Cosette. I took Poe to the vet, where they nursed her back to health, and brought her back to the Cape where she and her sister keep me on my toes.

Our volunteer stewards are a critical part of keeping the park clean and tidy! We’re fortunate to have nearly 30 dedicated volunteers who commit to a few shifts each month. You’ve likely seen them in their yellow vests clearing the walking paths, filling the mutt mitt stations and yes, even, picking up missed “piles”. If that doesn’t deserve a high five, we don’t know what does! Would you like to join our team? Click here to learn more!

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