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  • Marci Tyldesley

Steward Spotlight: Meet Leslie Petrichko

Why do you volunteer as a steward? Pride in place and it's a great place to meet people and their dogs

What is or was your career or job? Retired Contracts Negotiator (IBM, Avaya, Lucent Technologies, AT&T)

Tell us about your dogs. From the last 40 years: Loki (Norwegian Elkhound), Cabot and Logan (Yellow American Field Labs), Cannon and North (Black & Yellow Labs), Herman the German (mini Schnauzer adopted), and currently a 15 mo. old English Black Lab, Hudson.

Favorite part of being a steward? Keeping it clean--I've got a penchant for poop-free places!

Are you a native Cape Codder?  Originally, northern NJ and then 21 years in Stowe, VT, and now on the Cape for 3 years.

Any other fun facts about you we should know? My "super talent" is spotting poop, much the same way I see misspelled words and misplaced punctuation :oD

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