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  • Marci Tyldesley

Steward Spotlight: Meet Peter M.

Why he volunteers:

Peter likes being a volunteer because he enjoys being around animals. He also enjoys the opportunity to volunteer in his local community and interact with people.

His pets:

Peter does not have any pets, but he has helped raise his caregiver’s dog, Trixie, since she was 5 months-old. Peter spends time with Trixie three to five times each week.

His favorite part of being a steward: Interacting with and seeing all of the dogs

Where he’s from:

Peter is originally from Lexington, MA.

Fun facts:

Peter is a very fun man with a great sense of humor and is always making people smile with his friendly personality. And he wanted to tell everyone that he likes to swim, work with animals, listen to music, hike and go horseback riding.

If you see Peter working in the park wearing his yellow vest and nametag, please say hello and thank him for his dedication! Interested in being a steward? Click here for more on the program.

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