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  • Marci Tyldesley

Summer Fitness: Tips from Brewster Veterinary Hospital

It's officially the start of summer! While we all want to exercise and have our "summer bodies" ready, your friends at Brewster Veterinary Hospital just want to be sure your four-legged family member exercises appropriately. Whether it be swimming, walking, playing ball, or visiting the dog park, it is important to provide your pet with enough shade and fresh water! It's also extremely important to avoid hot pavement!

If you're visiting the dog park, it's important to keep this in mind:

  • Be careful when using the agility equipment and different substrates

  • Be aware that sand and concrete can be a cause of injury

  • Underconditioned dogs can injure their legs or joints in deep sand and on agility equipment.

  • Your dog can slide on concrete and can tear their nails and paw pads

Other benefits of exercising with your dog include a better mood for you, mental and physical stimulation for your pup, and reduction in levels of boredom and bad behavior. You'll also see an increase in factors of socialization, and a reduce in obesity. Swimming activity can help with joint pain and joint issues. Most importantly, by exercising with your dog, you help nurture the human-animal bond!

So, tie up those laces and put on that leash, and make sure to get outside and get active! Safely, of course! Happy summer!

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