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There’s No Place Like Home: Tips from Brewster Veterinary Hospital

Does it still count if you close your eyes and tap your paws together 3 times while saying "there's no place like home"?

No? Luckily there are microchips and identification tags for your fur-kids then! Your friends at Brewster Vet would like you to know:

Summer is a great time for outside activities with our canine fiends. It is also a time when dogs can be separated and lost. Brewster Dog Park is very secure, and a dog escaping is unlikely, but getting your pet to and from the park could be a time when they get away.

Due to thunderstorms and fireworks, dogs that are fearful of loud noises are sometimes at higher risk of becoming separated.

Make sure your dog is always wearing an external ID such as his rabies tag, and strongly consider a permanent ID such as a microchip. Some of the newer microchips have some pretty cool features that allow body temperature readings with a scanner and not a thermometer.

The yellow brick road to home is only a microchip away!

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