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  • Marci Tyldesley

Tick Prevention: Tips from Brewster Veterinary Hospital

One of the great things about the Brewster Dog Park is that it is free of habitats that support a high number of ticks.

While ticks tend to be active almost all year round, during this time of year the tick population increases, causing a lot of pets to get tick-borne related diseases.

Anaplasmosis is one of those diseases that we commonly see in dogs. It is a disease that is transmitted quickly, and that there is no current vaccine. Symptoms to look out for when it comes to Anaplasmosis:

1.) Lethargy 2.) Fever 3.) Joint Pain 4.) Some GI (gastro-intestinal) issues

Tick prevention is important to help reduce the chances of your pet getting sick or contributing to other pet or human illnesses. We recommend year round flea and tick preventative as best protection!

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