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Tips for Visiting Your First Off-Leash Dog Park; Tips from Rick Alto, Certified Professional Trainer

Taking your social dog to the dog park can be a fantastic way to provide your dog with socialization, exercise and mental stimulation.

Dog parks are also a great place for owners to meet other dog people and chat and enjoy watching their dogs play with each other, so please be friendly and make new friends.

If you want to get the most out of your dog park visit, please review the below checklist which will ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience at the Brewster Dog Park. If your dog is causing a problem, handle it in a mature, apologetic way. If another dog is causing issues with your dog, try your best to keep your cool and advocate for your dog without becoming angry.

The dog park was designed and the rules promulgated with safety in mind. Following the rules and watching (be present) your dog, and interfering to stop unwanted behaviors, when appropriate, will ensure that both you and your dog(s) love spending time at our World Class dog park.

Dog Park Checklist

  • Is your dog social with other dogs? If no, please continue to work your leashed dog outside of the dog park and other public areas until they improve.

  • Is your dog current with their rabies vaccination and wearing its proof of vaccination tag? If no, your dog is not allowed in the dog park.

  • Is your dog healthy and free from contagious diseases/parasite? If yes, then enjoy the park!

  • Is your unsprayed female dog in heat? If yes, then the dog park is not for you at this time.

  • Does your dog wear a prong, pinch, spiked or choke collar? If, yes please remove before entering the dog park, as they can be hazards to other dogs.

  • Will your leashed (no retractable leashes) dog walk calmly entering the dog park under your control on a short leash to the entry plaza? (Note: One family in the Entry Plaza at a time). If no, grasp the leash with your hand approximately 6-8 inches from the clasp and calmly walk your dog up and down the sidewalks, asking then to sit and practice impulse control. Whatever energy they present going to the dog park, they will carry inside of the park. When they are calm, bring them into the dog park as a reward.

  • Can you keep gates closed except when entering or exiting, and avoid congregating near gates? If yes, enjoy your visit to our World Class dog park.

  • Do you keep your leash(es) on your person at all times? If not, please do so. If there is an emergency or your dog is involved in an altercation, you will need leash your dog, gain control and exit the dog park.

  • Does an Incident Report need to be completed? If your dog or a human sustained broken skin from the teeth of another dog or if your dog was the dog that broke the skin of another dog or person, you are required to complete an incident report. The injured dog or human needs to have your proof of current rabies vaccination or the dog will be quarantined and be required to obtain a rabies booster if you can’t prove the vaccination status of the dog causing the injury.

  • Watch your dog! Your dog must be supervised at all times and you must: - Be within your view and under your voice control; - Clean up after your dog immediately; - Intervene with the first sign of any aggressive behavior (e.g. excessive barking, mounting, bullying, etc.) and immediately remove your dog without debate.

In the event of incidents, injuries, bites or disruptive conduct by dogs or people, call the Brewster Police Department Nonemergency number (508) 896-7011 and complete an Incident Report.

In the event of an emergency, please dial 911.

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