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What's the Scoop with Poop?

Your friends at Brewster Veterinary Hospital wanted to remind you to please scoop up your dog's poop while at the dog park! Studies show us two things: One, that 40% of owners won't pick up their dog's poop, which can result in issues for both pets and owners alike, and two, that 21% of dogs that frequent dog parks have parasites!

Dog poop can contain disease causing bacteria and parasites. Whipworms, hookworms, and roundworms are just a few examples. Recently, we've even seen an increase in resistant hookworms! While it doesn't sound appetizing to us, many dogs are drawn to and will eat another's poop, resulting in a possible transfer of these bacteria and parasites, some of which can even be transferred to you and your families.

Aside from these facts, it's a common courtesy to pick up after our pets. We don't like stepping in our own dog's poop half of the time, let alone another dog's! By picking up our dogs' poop we can create a fun, safe, clean, and healthy environment for them to play in!

Some "Green Tips" while handling poop:

  • Use biodegradable poop bags

  • Wash your hands after scooping

  • Pick up quickly after your pet poops

  • Dispose of poop appropriately

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